Thursday, June 30, 2011

Prince Albert and the Doomsday Device, Clive London

I felt so honored to be asked by my friends at Zova Books to read and review one of their new releases for July, Prince Albert and the Doomsday Device, by Clive London. It's a YA Steampunk novel about a poor little urchin named Jack who leaves his small, rotten village in England for the hustle and bustle of London, on a mission to find his parents and the rest of the adults from his village, who have disappeared quite mysteriously, under the apparent order of Queen Victoria. 

I'm about seven chapters in and have definitely been enjoying it. It has that great whimsical feel to it that a lot of YA novels have, and naturally I am quite fond of its setting and Steampunk nature! So, I will read on with pleasure, hoping that it continues to be as entertaining as it has thus far. 

** UPDATE: I've finished it, and I must say it was really fun. The pacing was great, and the cast of characters were both endearing and memorable. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical fiction, steampunk, or good old adventure stories... young adults and adults alike. And it looks like there will be a Book Two... which is very exciting. Much success to Mr. Clive London in all of his future ventures. 

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